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Why you cannot call Steve Jobs as a Leader?

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Why you cannot call Steve Jobs as a Good Leader?

The world has the habit of glorifying people if they are super successful and ignore some one who has done their job very well but not successful.  Steve Jobs has been very successful as an innovator but do he really qualify to become a successful Leader?

Let us see some of the facts:

  1.  Leadership means being compassionate with his followers even during crisis.
    1. But Steve Jobs is known to fire any of his staff members within 30 seconds and that too in life.  His staff members have mentioned that, they will avoid to travel with Steve Jobs in Lift. Thats where many people have been fired.
    2. Steve Jobs also known to bully his staff members
    3. Probably this is the reason, when he was fired from his own company, no member of board stood with him.  He stood alone.
  2. Good Leadership means Good Delegation:
    1. Steve Jobs worked almost 24*7, doing almost many design related tasks and driving people to crazy expecting them also to work like that
    2. This means,  he wanted to take credit of everything  and assigning only the jobs he does not had the capability do or he does not wanted do.
  3. Appreciation
    1. A Leader is expected to appreciate his people for any good work done.  But in Steve jobs case, he wanted to take credit of many innovations.
    2. For example, he saw the mouse in Modi Xerox Labs.  He assigned the work of redesigning to one of his senior staff member.  But he took the credit.
    3. For many innovations inside Apple, his staff members has expressed, Steve Jobs has taken the  credit.  It was revealed latter when a book about Steve Jobs was written.  Even his co-founder, Steve Wozniak has mentioned that, Steve Jobs has taken credit for few of his innovations
  4. Communication
    1. Steve Jobs never had the habit of communicating his goals and vision. He never communicated his goals and vision properly to his staff members.  But often didn’t understand why people were not able to understand his concepts which were sp easier for him. Rather than articulating his vision, Steve used publicly humiliate them or fire them outright. As a result, the creator of the outstanding retail stores, Rob Johnson, left. Alison Johnson, Apple’s vice president of global marketing and communications, left.
  5. Listening Skills
    1. It is reported that he never used to listen to his staff members. Many of his staff members has mentioned about his rude behavior .  He used to interrupt frequently and not only criticize them in public but also make derogatory remarks about them.
  6. Team Player
    1. Steve Jobs never known as a team player.  He is obsessed with his own ideas and never wanted to respect any body's ideas.
    2. He always kept his ideas to his heart and never wanted to communicate to his team, which resulted in lots of heart burns among his team members
    3. He may be a great innovator of the Century, be never wanted to invest in people.  He would shout at his own people in just a snap of the seconds.
    4. Many of his close associates referred his as arrogant, rude and in some cases as jerk.
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