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Are you a Boss or a Leader?

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Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Many People get confused between the terminologies between boss and leader.   In many cases, we think a boss is a leader.  Truly it is not.  A boss need not necessarily possess leadership qualities.

Boss and Leader differs in so many aspects.

Boss relies and demands authority.  The boss always uses the word "I".  He takes credit for his team success and blames his team members for the failure.

Always want people to do his way .  He never takes suggestions or rarely takes suggestions from his team members.

He is always adamant.  He knows how to navigate through and escape the storm without bothering about his team members.

He is self centric. Boss micro manages things and afraid of delegation.  He is insecure about his position and hence wants to show his authority continuously.

Always thinks for short term.  He is always your boss and never comes down to mingle easily with you.

Boss uses even threat and fear to  motivate the team.  Boss is always process centric and never bothers about people if they are not useful to him.

Always commands the team but not participate in every action.

But Leadership quality  is completely opposite to Boss.

A good leader relies on his own skills and good will.  He is a good coach and a good friend.

He is always unilateral and uses the word "We".  He is confident and delegates the work.

Gives credit to the team in the event of success and takes blame on himself during the event of failure.

Always protects his team.  He is down to the earth and mingles with the team easily.

Never bothered about his position or authority.  Uses his authority wisely and when required.  Does not show case his authority frequently.

His authority is known by his trust and good will towards people and not by brute force.

A good leader can be both people centric and process centric.

A good leader thinks long term.  He leads by example.  He participates in the actions of his team.

He loves delegation.

If you have any more points, please share it here....


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