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Do you think Dhoni’s Leadership quality took Indian cricket to success?

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Do you think Dhoni's Leadership quality took Indian cricket to success?

Whenever there is a cricket fever in India, entire country becomes mad and start shouting Dhoni.  Dhoni has been very successful as a captain.  He has been studies by experts for his leadership capabilities.

What makes Dhoni so special?

Dhoni a strategist.

  • He understand his team weakness and strengths very well.
  •  Not only that, he studies opponent teams strength and weakness very well.
  • His team selection is always based on the opposition team.
  • He changes the bowling and batting orders accordingly.
  • He even changes the fielding settings based on the situation
  • He also changes his strategies dynamically based on the situation.

Dhoni an effective Executioner

  • Being a strategist alone will not work.
  • A leader should be an effective executioner.
  • Dhoni, everytime proves that, he is an effective executioner.  He leaves no stones upturned.
  • Whatever the situation, he is bothered about it.  He just goes for it.
  • Whatever it takes to execute, he does it.

Dhoni a communicator

  • Dhoni always communicates.
  • Dhoni uses every aspects of communication, smal or big, he does it.
  • off-the-field, he uses media effectively but not abusively.  He uses media to communicate his expectations from his team.  He uses media to implant fear in the minds of his opponents.
  • On the field, even his slight gesture means so much things to his team.  He communicates to his team verbally as well as non-verbally.  It is very difficult to assess by opponents, on what he means by his gestures and what communication he passes to his team mates.
  • Off the field, he does everything to motivate his team through his communication and motivation skills

Dhoni a Team Player

  • Dhoni is all in all, a team player.  He is not an individual.  He always identifies with his team.
  • Whenever there is success, he always identifies with his team.
  • The cups won, the medals acquired, he makes a point that, his team handles it rather he handles it.  By this way, he means that he is a team player to his team.
  • He never takes credit for his success but attributes to his team.
  • He never over pressures his team.
  • In case of requirements, he pushes himself off the limit and outperforms rather pushing his team.  This way, he leads by example.  Hence, his team gets inspired to perform.
  • He gives lots of opportunities to his team members when they fail and keep motivating them to perform
  • He also allows his team to perform well by giving fair chances rather he himself does all the work.

Lead By Example

  • Dhoni is a leader, who leads by example.
  • Whenever, team India is under debacle, he comes as a savior.  He slogs down to hit fours and sixes to take India to victory.
  • Through this, he not only motivates his team but also inspires them to do well in the future events.
  • Captain Cool
  • He is called as Captain Cool by the media, his team mates and also by his opponents.
  • He stays true to this metaphor.
  • Very rarely, people saw his loosing his cool.
  • Whenever India wins or looses, he has always in the same state of mind, cool.
  • Just because of his coolness, he is able to change his strategy dynamically and lead India to win the cricket matches.
  • Even, if the match is lost, he never looses his coolness, instead prepares him and his team for another win in the future.
  • He handles the media and people very elegantly with his real coolness.

So, Do you think Dhoni's Leadership quality took Indian cricket to success? Do think, he is really Captain Cool?

Share your thoughts.

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