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Are you finding it difficult to handle leadership crisis? Here are few simple tricks overcome your leadership anxiety

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Are you finding it difficult to handle leadership crisis?  Here are few simple tricks overcome your leadership anxiety:

A leader has to undergo lots of crisis. An effective leader is a leader who can stay calm even during the crisis.

But how do you stay calm? To stay calm you do not need a tough mind set. Only you need to know some tricks which will either make you calm or make you to look calm.

You might got lots of advises on how to stay calm and put through. Applying them would not have worked out for you.

Many people would have said stay positive, positive attitude, limit coffee and so many other things. Still, you will be finding it difficult to stay put through. So how do you stay calm and focused during a crisis?
Following these simple tricks will make you to be stay calm at all moments:

  1. Always be aware of your emotions. The moment, you feel you’re getting anxious, do anything and everything to relax
  2. As a leader, cultivate the habit of focusing on the outcome and see whether the crisis can help you to lead to your outcome. Or just see how you can leverage the crisis to achieve your goals.
  3.  Whenever, there is a crisis, do not be the part of it. This does not mean, you need to run away. This means, try to approach the crisis as an outsider. So, you will not personalize things which will help you to look at the crisis from different angles and remain calm to end the crisis quickly and smartly.
  4. Practice visualization techniques like looking things which are helpful to you. You can try future pacing. Future Pacing is a NLP technique where you see yourself performing different activities quickly and analyze the different outcomes. By doing this, you will have 360 degree approach of the crisis in hand. This will make you to be very comfortable with the situation and will help you calm down since you already know how you can get through the crisis to achieve the desired results.
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