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Leadership,Corruption and Panama Papers

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Leadership,Corruption and Panama Papers

After the leak of panama papers, we can see in news headlines, lots of leaders have did corruption.  Why these leaders are not true to the leadership spirits?

What happened to them?  Leadership requires to be transparent but why the leaders are not.

Many political leaders and business leaders who were believed to be sacred as a Holy cow are now turning out to be highly corrupt.  Already Iceland Prime Minister has resigned and now more names are expected.

Panama Papers is said to be the biggest leak ever in the world history about the corrupt activities which consists of corrupt activities of top business people,sports personals and politicians which includes, Russian Premiere, Chinese Premiere, Iceland Prime Minister, highly celebrated Foot ball players like Messi, Platini and film starts like Jackie Chan, Amitabh Bhachan, Aishwarya Rai and so many others.

The real reason why leaders and celebrities become corrupt are the trust they have created among the people.  People start belieiving them that these people can never do anything wrong.  Even if some news or scandal breaks out, still many people defends them blindly, believing the news as fake to defame these corrupt people.  These kind of trust gives unlimited authority and blinds these corrupt personals.

It some times make them to think they can do anything in this world and makes them to go against the law.  The power gives them intoxicated and makes them to believe they can get away with anything.  Take the case of  Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  Many  have suggested that President Clinton's engaged in a sexual dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky simply because "he could because he is most powerful."  These kind of leaders believe they are above law and nothing can touch them.

The leadership gives them the power,authority and ability influence, they think they can make anything out anything.  This means, they can show them to be good even when they are proved to be guilty.  In some cases, these people also try create new law which will show them as clean and neat.


Only followers of the leaders need to be aware to choose who is a leader or not. Only we need to be aware on what is boiling down, else the followers life will also get ruined along with the leaders.

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