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Time Machine and Leadership

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Have you ever wondered what would it be if you have a time machine in life?  Have you ever wondered how you can be do your leadership role or you can start leading effectively?

Psychology, particularly NLP (Neruo Linguistic Programming) Provides an effective method to do just that.  NLP has a technique called Future Pacing.

Future Pacing is a technique where you just visualize yourself in the future and it allows you to visualize you in different situations.

This means, you will be clear about all the possibilities of performing an action and reaction which could be done by you in the future.

This gives you the power to control the situations and choose the best outcomes which suits you better.

To do this you just follow this steps:

  1. Identify a scenario or an outcome
  2. Now close your eyes
  3. See yourself performing particular action in a particular scenario.  For example, if you are going to provide a presentation, visualize yourself giving a presentation in the meeting room.
  4. Visualize all the negative and positive situations, questions and people who will be present in the room.
  5. Visualize yourself handling the situation.
  6. Visualize all the permutation and combination
  7. Now choose, the best possibility and run it multiple times in the mind.
  8. Once you did, re-run it quickly multiple times so you get familiarity with the scenario
  9. Now, you are done and ready.


This technique helps you to handle your emotions and other people emotions effectively.  Not only, it makes you comfortable with the scenario

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