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God and Evil

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In 1881, a professor asked his student whether it was God who created everything that exists in the universe?

Student replied: Yes
He again asked:
What about evil?
Has God created evil also?

The student got silent...
Then the student requested that may he ask a question from him?

Professor allowed him to do so.

Student asked:

Does cold exist?

Professor said: Yes! Don't you feel the cold dear?

Student said:  I'm sorry but you are wrong sir.
Cold is a complete absence of heat...
There is no cold, it is only an absence of heat.

Student asked again:
Does darkness exist?

Professor Said:  Yes!

Student replied: you are again wrong sir. There is no such thing like darkness. It’s actually the absence of light.

Sir! We always study light & heat, but not cold & darkness.

Similarly, the evil does not exist. Actually it is the absence of Love, Faith & True belief in God.

The name of the student was...

Can't stop myself to share this with all....

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