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Leadership and Humor

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Leadership and humor

A sense of humor is part of the artwork of management, of having along with people, of having things done. A Robert Half International study found that 91% of professionals believe a feeling of humor is essential for career progress. While 84% feel that individuals with a good sense of humor do a better job. Another study by Bell Leadership Institute found that the two most desired traits in leaders were a powerful work ethic and a common sense of humor.

With regards to leadership in complicated times, a sense of humor ranks up there with tactical thinking and superb communication ability. Arguably, the best leader of our nation was a man known for his eloquence, his humility, along with his commitment to the individuals he served: Abraham Lincoln. 91% of professionals believe a feeling of humor is very important to career progress. He was also noted for his capability to use homespun stories along with self deprecating humor as a way to win over opponents, making a stage, receiving followers, and managing the huge pressure at the peak of the war that ripped this nation apart.

Comedy comes from the Latin word for Fluid. At the Middle Ages, humor was considered to be an energy relative to a bodily fluid or an emotional state. Do not leaders need to bring and retain talent? Customers? Think about the gloom project across an office when someone is in a poor humor or how good humor can change an environment.

Here are 3 leadership benefits based on humor. The two most desired traits in leaders were a powerful work ethic and a common sense of humor. The healing power of humor has been observed since before Biblical times. Anatomy of an Illness was the top selling, groundbreaking classic by Norman Cousins on fighting life threatening disease through humor and patient participation in care. It started the innovation in patients working with their physicians and using humor to increase their bodies convenience of healing. You can tell that fun, play, along with laughter had started the process of healing. Individuals with a good sense of humor are seen as more intelligent, friendly and more trust worthy. The ticketing machines in airports started as a consequence of a Southwest Airline ground crew having an event, laughing, and attempting to figure a way to process much more individuals quickly. You couldn't Look for a much more playful leader than Herb Kelleher, chair and founding father of Southwest Airlines. His insistence on play created a culture that had individuals actually standing in lines outside headquarters for job interviews.

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