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Why should you become an entrepreneur, now! (Best 6 Reasons)

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Top 6 convincing reasons on why you should quit your job and start your own business

There are better advantages an entrepreneur share when compared an employee.  An entrepreneur is a boss of himself and boss for so many other.  He creates his own destiny.  After working with so many entrepreneurs, I have listed top reasons, why you should quit your job and start your own business.

Hard work:


Normal working hours is for 8 hours a day.   In the era of globalised competition, many companies demand more and more work from you.
If you did not work hard for more hours, the chances of getting promoted or getting a decent hike become a question. Even after hard work, you might get only 10% of the hike. Certainly, you deserve more for the hard work, your capability, smartness and your experience.

Just imagine, if you are a smart entrepreneur, if you could put the same level of work, how much you can earn? In today's digital world, you require less money to start a business but you can get better returns.

There are so many businesses where you just sell some one's products in the online or to your wide contacts and get a portion of commissions.   For example, if you are Microsoft Partner and sell their products, you can get a huge commission. Frequently, Microsoft offers commission up to 50% of the product value. So you can decide which one is suitable for you?

Carry Over:

Most the people start their career at the low level like an engineer, clerk, accountants, etc. You work for 30+ years, then retire. In 30+ years of experience, you would have reached the level of manager or VP. Only a few people grow to the CEO level. Then your son or daughter starts their career again go through this same cycle. Why do you want this cycle to continue? As a smart entrepreneur, in 30 years, you can build your business and take it to a most profitable one. When your children grow up, they can start their life as CEO and not as clerk or accountants. Just imagine where they can be in their 30+ years of work.


When making your products & services good and make a great delivery to your customers, you and your organisation can get lots of appreciation. If you are employed, even if you work hard, make a great delivery and provide excellent customer satisfaction, most of the time some like your boss or your organisation gets the name. Many people own the limelight, you get the lime light very rarely. It all depends upon your boss and some other external factors you cannot control. If you look at organisations like facebook or google or Microsoft, the names of Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page or Bill Gates comes to our mind and not the employees who put hard work there. Even some employees would be instrumental in creating the great product or services, but we do not notice them. Being a smart entrepreneur, you can control destiny and get into lots of limelight. Who knows your name can come into big magazines like entrepreneur.com or businiessinsider.com or even you can be listed on Time front page.

Respect and Status:

If you are working for top companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, imagine what kind of respect you get.
Now, once again imagine what kind of respect you get in society if you can introduce yourself as the founder of a great company like Microsoft.
How would it be? This could happen only if you are an entrepreneur. Even if you are the founder of a company which not as great like Microsoft, still you get a better status and respect when compared to people who work for great companies like Facebook. Your status goes multiple times when you are an entrepreneur.


In life, there should be some thrill. Or else the life would suck. You will get the thrill only if you are an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial journey would be tough, but it would give you lots of thrills. Whenever you can cross over challenges, completes the deal or make the best delivery and get appreciation from the customer, what kind of happiness and contentment it would give it to you? That too, if your customer likes your products and services, gives you more orders big in size, how much happy person you could be... that to if he hosts a party to you for your super duper deliverables, the happiness could not be measured.
As an entrepreneur, you can decide the challenge you want in your journey if you find the current course of the journey is not interesting. You can set your boundary.

In employment, there is no way. It is going to be routine and boring. Your company and your boss dictate your boundary. You have no alternative or outlet. If your job is boring, you can just switch your job or role. Again, it is going to be routine, boring and suffocating. The only better alternative could be to become a business man or least become a self-employed.


In employment, you have routine monotonous schedules. You slog for hours every day. You have no control over your time. Even if you have set of leave in a month or year, you cannot take leave when you want it, even in an emergency situation. Most importantly, you work without interest.
As a smart business person, you can control your time, if you want. You can go for vacation as planned. You can automate your process and go on long vacation too. You can even control your business from some lonely islands using smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops as Sir Richard Branson do


If you want to grow into the top layer, most of the company look at your qualification. If you are carrying a halo around your head like MIT or IIT or IIM or Harvard, your growth to top layer is assured. But not everyone could carry this halo. This means, you are too smart and work hard, just because you are not from these prestigious educational institutes, your chances for promotion and good salary increase gets diminished. Particularly, if you have a teammate who carries prestigious degrees from prestigious educational institutes, and he is competing with you for the promotion, you can forget your promotion, even if you are working hard, more capable than your colleague.
If you are a business man, this glass ceiling gets broken. Nowadays, many popular entrepreneurs are dropouts from their school and colleges. People like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bills gates and Mark Zuckerberg are few examples to name.
If you are smart and capable, willing to put hard work, you do not need to worry about competition with someone who has prestigious degrees. Whether you have a degree or not, in reality, you can employ that kind of people. Example: Ford was not educated but he had employees who were carrying prestigious degrees from universities like Cambridge and Yale.

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