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7 Secret traits of Confident people (Guaranteed #SuccessTips)

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Secret Traits of Successful People!

If you have these following seven traits of Self-confidence, you can win in anything!

People with self-confidence can rule this world. Whether you believe in god or not, but you must believe in yourself.
Self-confidence is the only trait which makes people be successful. Even if you have over confidence on you, still it is better than having no confidence at all. There are times we fail even with extreme self-confidence.

If we have some of these excellent traits, we can become an achiever easily. For that, we require self-confidence. In true sense, how the people self-confidence will behave? How their actions will be?

Decision Making:

People with self-confidence will not allow other people to make the decision on their part. They will ask for suggestions from others. They will evaluate what will work for them or not after proper considerations and make the decisions. Normally, these people take the decision with full-heartedness and will see to that, it does not hurt them.

Click Below to view a video of Jim Rohn speaking about Decision Making



People with self-confidence will not afraid of tough challenges. They will not be disheartened even the if the challenges are beyond their limit. If they fail, they will take it as a lesson and try to push further. They will not be limited to belief on what they can achieve.

Click below to view a Tedex Video on Challenges:

Taking responsibility:

They will take responsibility for all the actions they do. They will take responsibility whether their actions yield a positive result or negative results. Even if they fail beyond their control, still they will think about making it work for them rather than running away.

Click below to view video of Oprah Talking on Taking Responsibility:


Many people like people with self-confidence. People with self-confidence never tries to wear some false mask and try to cover their weakness. They know their strengths and weakness very well. They accept their mistakes and weaknesses openly.

Click below to view Tim Sanders talking about the likeability Factor:


These people will focus on their dreams and visions. They will focus on achieving their dreams. They will not get upset even in the case of setbacks. They will analyse the reason for the setbacks, takes corrective actions and still work hard in achieving their dreams. They will neve stop in progressing on their dreams irrespective of the effort and time required to achieve it.

Click below to view Steve Jobs vision about life:


These people will not try to showcase their success by showcasing their high brand cars, houses and dresses. Only people without self-confidence will do this. They will not waste time in attracting people in showcasing their money. They will focus on positive aspects of people and create relationships. They will not be bothered about their social status or about other people social status.

Click below to view JK's (Jittu Krishnamoorthy) view on Humily:


These people respect themselves more than anything. Even when they fail, they will never expect other people's praise and sympathy. At the same time, they will not afraid to debate and discuss on their point of view. If the opposite person's point of view or advice is valuable, they will accept it without any hesitation. If someone pinpoints these people's mistake, they will not raise any objection. They will never get into any kind prejudice against anybody.

Click below to view NLP co-founder DR. Richard Bandler's talking about how you can use NLP to improve your self-respect:


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