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Happy Healthy Living 14 #Positivetips

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Happy Healthy Living 14 #Positivetips

If you feel this life is not good or frustrated the way it goes?  Are you keep on cribbing about how bad is your life?

Then, this article is for you.  Try following these tips and change your lifestyle habits accordingly for a Happy Living.

These changes in your lifestyle will help you to have a better life.  You will encounter huge positive changes in your life.  You will love the after effects of the changes. Positive things will keep on happening in your life.

1. Sleeping at the correct time:

Sleep for 6 to 8 hours everyday.  Follow this schedule strictly.  If you do this, you will get excellent results.  It will help you to have best concentration, focus and best thinking.


2.  Going to sleep at the correct time

Fix up a time to go to sleep and follow the schedule every day.  Doing this, your mind will be active and productive.  You will be able to focus more and concentrate for longer period.


3.  Make your bed a beautiful one:

At-least spend 2 minutes everyday to arrange your bed properly after getting up.  Make it look beautiful.  If possible sprinkle oils like Lavender oil which will make you to feel good.


4.  Proper breakfast:

Break fast will break the fast from night to morning.  Normally, we eat every 4-6 hours during the day time.  When we sleep, we starve our body for 6-8 hours to give way for the process of digestion and restfulness.  After getting up from the bed also, we take at-least an hour involving ourselves like brushing our tooth, cleaning our stomach, taking bath, prayer, etc.

Try to have breakfast before 9 AM.  Because of this, habit of over eating will get restricted.  To make the breakfast food to taste better and healthy, start planning on the breakfast in the previous night itself.


5. Planing in the morning is very important:

Start planning for the day in the morning itself. Start writing what you are going to do and achieve .  It takes out the stress and anxiety.  It makes you to think clear and be more focused every day.


6. Drink healthy:

Avoid drinking aerated drinks , alcohol and sugar contented drinks.  These are all not good for health.  Your body will not feel energetic.   Drink the required water, tender coconut and sugar free juices.  If you do this your health will  improve and you will also feel better.


7. Eat home cooked food:

Food prepared in the house has certain special benefits.  It will contain less calories, less sugar and fats.  If you eat outside, most of the time they cook with recycled oil or the foods with low quality.  This could increase the risk of cholesterol, diabetes and heart attacks.

Most of the time after having from local hotels, you may feel tired due indigestion caused by the food due to taste enriching contents used in the food.

8. Get the habit of thanking others:

Learn to thank others for the help they do.  Magnitude of help does not matter.  If it is small or big, just be grateful for the help you have received.  Gratitude activates the law of attraction.  How much you are grateful towards the help you received in this world that much successful you will be.  The more you thank the more you get.  You will also be surrounded by positive people.  Thank for everything you receive and be thankful at the emotional level.   The Law of Attraction will get you all the positive things in this world.

9. Practice Writing

Start the habit of writing to yourself on the stress management tips.  Start writing about anger Management, avoiding anxiety, being happy, being peaceful, etc.  No need to stop on this.  By practising this habit, you will get all the answers for all your problems from yourself.  All the answers are within yourself.  Start writing from today.  You will never need a psychological cancelling in your life.

10. Meditate, Meditate and Meditate every day

Every day Meditation is very good for the brain.  It will make you to have sound thinking and make you to have very good thoughts.

It reduces stress and hyper tension.  Anger, worries and stress will be neutralised.

11. Practice Yoga

It strengthens the body and mind.  It increases the focus and at the same time strengthens the body.  It keeps you away from the doctor.



12. Deep Breathing

Spend time everyday to practice deep breathing. Just spend 15 minutes every day.  For this you need not search for separate place .

You can practice this at your desk, kitchen, living room or anywhere.  Not only that.  You can practice at any time, even while you are reading or driving.

13. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.  Both causes mental instability, reduces your thinking and creates lots of health problems.  Heavy drinkers face relationship problems and career related problems.  Both are enemies of happy and healthy living.

14.  Focus only on what you want in your life

Always think and focus only on what you want in life.  Most of the people think only about what they want.  This creates unnecessary anxiety,  mental worries, tension and stress.  Not to add that it is also a waste of time.  To have a happy mind and live with success, always focus only on things you want in life.  Your mind will be clear , confident and will be in peace.



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