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There is nothing impossible! True and Inspiring story for Motivation! A #MustRead

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There is nothing impossible! True and Inspiring story of Motivation! #MustRead - Leadership Secrets

His name is Karoly Tacacs. He was born in Budapest. He was working as sergeant in Hungary Military. He was very popular in Pistol Shooting. He had a great ambition of participating in Olympics and win a gold medal.

Karoly Takacs

Even though he had great ranking in Pistol Shooting, he was unable to participate in 1936 Olympics due to the rule that Military Sergeants should not participate in the competition.
In 1940, this rule was relaxed. He started preparing to participate in 1940 Olympics in Tokyo.

Karoly Takacs

But ….

In 1938, during one military practice session, he lost his right arm due to a bomb blast.
He was at hospital for a month. It was a real disaster for him. After a month, he gets discharged from hospital and from the military. After that, he was not to be seen for some time.


Karoly Takacs
In 1939, at Hungary Pistol Shooting Championship, he visits the competition. All of his friends gets amazed to see him and very happy for him. Everybody wishes for him and friends get together again. All his friends shows their empathy for Karoly for loosing his hand and also thankful for him to come to the competition to wish them success. He said with conviction that,

I do not come here to wish you good luck but to compete with you and win the medal!

Karoly Takacs

Everybody gets shocked how he can since he has no right hand. Then only they came to know from him that, he has been practising to shoot with left hand all along.

The completion happens. He competes with his left hand and wins the championship.
Olympic dream? Still ambition to winning Olympics is flaming in his heart.
He was determined to participate in 1940 Olympics.

Yet another block…. Yes…

World War 2

In a picture that captures the violence and sheer destruction inherent in war perhaps more graphically than any other ever published in LIFE, Marines take cover on an Iwo Jima hillside amid the burned-out remains of banyan jungle, as a Japanese bunker is obliterated in March 1945.

Due to Second World War, 1940 Olympics gets cancelled. He continues his practice in a hope to participate in 1944 Olympics. No luck… Even the 1944 Olympics did not happen…


Next is only 1948 Olympics

Olympics 1948

Olympics 1948

In 1938, he was only 28. Now in 1948, he was 38. There new and young competitors. Karoli never had a second thought. He continues his practice and hard work with full devotion.

1948 Olympics…

Olympics 1948

1948 Olympics

1948 Olympics happens in London. Most popular champions of the world participates in the competition. He has only one hand. That too left hand… Karoly Takacs shoots with his left hand. In the competition, Most popular shooter in the world Carlos Enrique also participates. Carlos was number 1 at that time. People expects only Carlos to win. The competition ends…
The winner is….

Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs Olympic Winner

The winner is announced. Yes the winner is Karoly Takacs. Karoly wins in Rapid Fire Pistol shooting with Gold..
Entire world looks upon him.

Not only that…

Karoly Takacs preparing

Karoly Takacs preparing for shooting in Olympics

He participates in 1952 Olympics at Helsinki , Finland. He competes and again. . . He wins Gold.
He makes a record of winning 2 golds consequently in the Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting Competition.

After that…

After that, he participates in several competitions and wins .

Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs One hnaded Olympic Champion

And Now...

Now tell me , do you feel is there anything impossible for you in life?

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