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AliBaba founder Jack Ma who met more failures and boycotts before becoming China’s richest man

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Jack Ma is one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs.


Jack Ma is the founder and executive chairman for Alibaba Groups. In 2014, China's first richest person is the second richest person in 2015. The world's 22nd most powerful man is the world's and 33rd richest person as in 2016. 80% of China's online sales take place through the Alibaba group. Its market value is $ 212 billion. Based on income, Alibaba is the 6th largest website in the world.  Jack Ma is today the wealthiest man in China, meeting many defeats and neglects before becoming the world's most successful businessman. Jack Ma, who faced all the failures with his confidence. Jack Ma is a model for many of the world today.

Failed in many school exams.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma was not a great student of education. Once in an interview with Charlie Rose, Jack Ma said, "I lost 2 times in the primary school examination, three times in the middle school examination, 2 times in college entrance exams and after that only got the graduation."  Jack Ma met with great struggle in education. He was repeatedly unsuccessful in school studies during his youth. However, he was excited about his passionate concerns. For example, he was learning English.  Jack Ma once said, "If you never made a try, how do you know that there is no chance?"

He scored only 1 out of 120 in mathematics at college entrance exams

The failure of the examination is a type, but it is a different fall than the failure to make only 1 mark in maths in the entrance exam. In those days Jack Ma fought very hard in mathematics.  "I am not a good in maths, not learnt management, and I can not read accounting statements even today," he said. He altered the perception that to become billionaire  you need not be good in maths.  Interestingly, the jack ma (jack ma) who founded the world's largest technology company did not even have heard the word computer during his youth. He graduated from the Hangzhou Normal University in 1980 and graduated in English.

 Ten times rejected by Harvard University

"I applied 10 times at Harvard University and rejected 10 applications. But someday I will tell you that I will teach students there. " These boycotts did not bother him anyway.

Applied for 30 different jobs and failed in all 30.

After graduating, he applied for 30 different jobs and was dismissed for 30 jobs. He even applied for the police officer's job and was rejected with the reason "You're not good" .  Jack Ma was the only applicant who got rejected for a job from 24 applicants to KFC.  Out of 24 applicants to KFC, all 23 got selected except Jack Ma for the reason that he is short and does not look good.


Jack Ma, who failed in the first business venture

After learning about the Jack Ma internet, he started China's first online telephone directory. But failed in that attempt and left for China Page.

Alibaba was rejected by investors as an unprofitable entrepreneur and was denied access to investment


In 1998, Jack Ma launched Alibaba, which links merchants and buyers. He suffered a lot of defeats. Alibaba had not earned any profits for up to three years.   When Jack Ma approached Silicon Valley investors for Alibaba, it was rejected as an unprofitable business model and was rejected  to get an investment. Alibaba suffered a lot of challenges in making payments.  No bank does not want to work with Alibaba. So he started his own cash transaction company named Jack Ma Alipay. Jack Ma Alipay's online cash transaction started when he started the Internet, saying his idea was idiot. Today, most of the online cash transactions around the world take place through Alipay.


Please let us know how you feel about your failures and success...

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